Average Texas Electricity Bill

What is the Average Electricity Bill in Texas?

The average electricity bill in Texas is much higher than the national average. This driven is not so much as by the cost of electricity (The State of Texas has some of the lowest rates in the country) but a very high usage level.

The average cost of electricity in Texas is 11.96 cents per kWh. That’s based on EIA data for May 2021.

That includes both regulated and deregulated Texas markets, and is electricity and delivery costs.

You can find lower prices in your area of Texas. Electricity prices range from a low of 7.6 cents per kWh (based on 2000 kWh, in Oncor) to a high of over 15 cents per kwh in the CenterPoint service area.

If you are not on a contract or your contract expired which happens often, you could end up paying as much as 18.0¢ / kWh or more.

Texans love their homes and Texas homes use more electricity than the national average, for two reasons. First, our homes are bigger. Secondly, lower cooling costs have caused Texans to use more energy on our daily basis.

The average home in Texas uses 1,176 kWh a month, or 14,112 kWh a year, based on EIA data.